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56min   | English   |  Producer: Pam Meisl Smith  Director: Eric Smith-Gunn

The latest project from Enfuego Entertainment,  the award winning "Hijab". 


A short series that stars Andrea St. Martine (AboveGround) in the title role as a Spanish Muslim law student who decides to help a woman find her son who's gone missing after being radicalized by a terrorist organization.


"A Must See TV Show, Andrea St. Martine is brilliant "- Annette Hull, Festival Director LVIFSF

"Eric Smith-Gunn 's most accomplished work "- David Weiss, CBS VP Marketing

"No matter your sensibility, you are an element of that global family.  We are diverse. We are dynamic. That is my take on life. On humanity.  And I see a lot of that insight in Hijab"- David Austin Veal, actor