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Enfuego Entertainment, Inc. is a Los Angeles based independent film and television production company founded in 2009. The company’s mission is to develop, finance and produce impacting and evocative content for theatrical, television and web distribution. Our leadership team is comprised of a diverse group of veteran entertainment professionals who’s industry relationships and years of collective experience provide a unique platform for filmmakers worldwide, to envision, create and distribute impacting and high quality entertainment.

If you like to be entertained in a variety of different ways...We are here for you. 

Check out some of the trailers to some of our upcoming projects and view our catalog of short films, web series, and live music.

the enfuego team

who we are 


Eric Smith-Gunn

Co-Ceo and Content Creator

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As content creator and CEO of Enfuego Entertainment, Eric is responsible for the contribution of all information pertaining to all media and most especially to Enfuego's digital media productions.  He has produced several shows for Enfuego which include the award winning, Hijab, Corre (run) and AboveGround.



email: eric@enfuegofilms.com 

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Pam Meisl Smith

Co-Ceo and Producer

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As CEO of Enfuego Entertainment, Pam coordinates all work that revolves around the pre-production and production of all projects produced and created by Enfuego Entertainment.  Pam has worn a great many hats for Enfuego Entertainment ranging from Acting - Production Manager - Production Designer and Post Production Coordinator.


email: pam@enfuegofilms.com


Gregory Garcia

Associate Producer

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As Associate Producer.Gregory handles all work pertaining to pre-production and beyond.  In addition he assists Eric Smith-Gunn and Pam Meisl Smith with marketing, advertising and many other duties for Enfuego Entertainment.


email: greg@enfuegofilms.com


Shawna Lum

Business & Marketing Partner

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Shawna Lum is a business partner at Enfuego. She also is an entrepreneur, web designer and social media manager. She also is a project manager for web, social and marketing services. When she isn't helping clients she loves yoga, sports, snowboarding, and exploring new cultures. Shawna is a business development partner who loves helping clients reach their goals!


email: shawna@yourlifeinnovated.com