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This channel features the best in independent music from Enfuego Music from all over the world. We have live concerts, music videos and interviews from the best up and coming artists in the industry.

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Sendina Aluko, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter, is an emerging star in the music scene, known for her soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Born and raised in the London Borough of Southwark until the age of ten, she is of British, Nigerian, and American descent. Her mother, Emma Aluko, is British, and her father, Chidi Aluko, is Nigerian. This rich cultural heritage significantly influences her music, infusing it with diverse rhythms and stories. Sendina has two younger siblings, a brother named Kwame and a sister named Zara, both of whom share her love for music and arts.


After her family relocated to New York, Sendina continued to immerse herself in music, bringing her multicultural background into her soulful compositions. She began crafting songs at the age of twelve, with her experiences and emotions reflecting her diverse upbringing. Proficient in both piano and guitar, her musical versatility adds depth and richness to her compositions.


Sendina attended New York University as an art student, initially aspiring to be a performance artist. It was during her time at NYU that she discovered her true passion for music. Despite her efforts, she was unable to gain admission to Juilliard, but this setback only fueled her determination to pursue a career in music. She honed her craft by singing in New York's subway stations, where she earned money and captivated passersby with her powerful voice and emotive performances.


Influenced by a wide range of artists, Sendina's sound draws from the soulful grace of Sade, the lyrical storytelling of Joni Mitchell, and the bold, emotive performances of Tori Amos. Additionally, her music is infused with the funky rhythms of George Clinton, the eclectic sounds of A Tribe Called Quest, and the ancestral beats of African tribal music and Native American melodies.


Her soulful voice, reminiscent of 1970s folk singers like Phoebe Snow, with hints of Norah Jones, has captivated audiences and critics alike. Beyond music, Sendina finds inspiration in New York's vibrant streets, indulging her love for thrift shopping and exploration. Her tribal tattoos, adorning her neck and arms, hold deep personal and cultural significance, symbolizing her heritage and journey as an artist.


Recently signed with Enfuego Music, she is currently working on her debut album, pouring her heart into each track. Her debut single, "Intertwined," is now available on Apple Music and Spotify, showcasing her distinctive sound and lyrical prowess. As Sendina continues her musical journey, her blend of influences, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful melodies promise to captivate audiences worldwide.

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