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Enfuego and the "hijab"

Enfuego entertainment is finishing up post-production for their next project,  titled "Hijab".  This short series was written and directed by showrunner Eric Smith-Gunn and will star Andrea St. Martine in the Lead role.  The story will revolve around a devout Spanish born Muslim woman, Rania Dominguez, in the summer before she starts law school, where she finds herself involved in a situation, that challenges her faith  and jeopardizes her future career and possibly her life.   The film was shot in Los Angeles by Cinematographer, Christopher Brown and produced by Enfuego Entertainment.  This show will be the first show to premiere exclusively on the Enfuego Media Network.  The show will screen its premiere on March 2nd at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.  More information on this exciting short series  is coming soon.

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