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Enfuego Entertainment has a new Partner...

Enfuego Entertainment has taken on a new partner to add more work and content to its library. The Advertising and Marketing firm, YourLifeInnovated, inc has join forces with Enfuego Entertainment to help bring it to another level in the entertainment industry. The company's CEO, Shawna Lum, has a extensive background in Web Designing, Marketing and Advertising. Lum, who speaks several languages and versatile in many fields, has really helped in bringing Enfuego into the mix of social outreach with content creation. This is a new arm in the production part of Enfuego Entertainment and they hope to branch out more in this field. "I love the way she works. She's bold, intelligent, and very personable. Her clients really like her not just for her talents but for manner and patience. This is something that we need here at Enfuego Entertainment" Eric Smith-Gunn has said. Look for new projects coming to Enfuego Entertainment in the new future.

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