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Enfuego's web series, AboveGround is still on hold for now...we think.

Enfuego's award winning web series, AboveGround is still on hold due in part to Enfuego's busy schedule promoting their new short series, Hijab.  AboveGround which stars Darren Anthony Thomas as Music Producer, Bill T.  will more or less not start pre-production until early 2020 if all goes well and all the cast members agree to sign on.  This will be the 4th and final season for this web series and the hopes are to go out with a bang.   Showrunner Eric Smith-Gunn  said in an interview, "I really love this show and the allows me the opportunity to explore so many aspects of life.  Everyone is so curious about its outcome that I feel I would let them down if I didn't follow through with its completion"

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