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Corre (Run) makes it into The Pan African Film Fest...Finally!

Enfuego Entertainment's Short film "Corre (Run) finally made into the Pan African Film Festival 2020. The short which stars Darren Anthony Thomas in the starring role and is directed by Eric Smith-Gunn will premiere at the festival on Sat. February 15 at 5:15pm. The festival will take place at the Cinemark Baldwin Hills Theater 15 in Los Angeles. The film original released in 2012 has been slightly re-edited with some changes with the sound. The film which revolves around an Ad Executive who on the day of a big promotion runs into a major hurdle that could change his life forever. The film has been a festival darling for sometime now but to be a part of the Pan African Film Festival is a major achievement. For ticket and information about the screenings you can visit!/film/corre_run

The film will also premiere on Amazon Prime on Monday February 10th.

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