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A New Project in the Works.......

Updated: May 20, 2021

Content creator, Writer, Producer Eric Smith-Gunn is currently working on his next project which could start shooting in the fall. All this is depending on Covid-19 and how tight the restrictions are in place. Eric Smith-Gunn notes "With the hopes of a new vaccine in the horizon, things might open up a bit to start production on a new venture." Eric Smith-Gunn has also taken this time to develop and write several projects. One he has been working on for several years, titled "Manos" and this latest one titled "The Protest". No one has been cast as of yet but the script is being written and developed. The story is about a young, outgoing, white school teacher, who decides that she wants to attend a Black Lives Matter protest, but is met with resistant, when her African American husband decides against it. The project will be directed by Eric Smith-Gunn and produced by enfuego entertainment.

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