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Enfuego Entertainment, Inc. is a Los Angeles based independent film and television production company founded in 2009. The company’s mission is to develop, finance and produce impacting and evocative content for theatrical, television and web distribution. Our leadership team is comprised of a diverse group of veteran entertainment professionals who’s industry relationships and years of collective experience provide a unique platform for filmmakers worldwide, to envision, create and distribute impacting and high quality entertainment.

Check out some of the trailers to some of our upcoming projects and view our catalog of short films, web series, and live music.

If you like to be entertained in a variety of different ways...We are here for you. 

AboveGround is a dramatic anthology series that revolves around Hot Music Producer, Bill T. (Darren Anthony Thomas) and his ultimate quest to find the best Independent Musical Artist that the LA music scene has to offer.

This story revolves around a young ad exec (Darren Anthony Thomas) , who, on the day of his big promotion, is challenged with a problem that could change the course of his life forever.

The latest project from Enfuego Entertainment,  the award winning "Hijab". A short series that stars Andrea St. Martine (AboveGround) in the title role as a Spanish Muslim law student who decides to help a woman find her son who's gone missing after being radicalized by a terrorist organization.

This new music network will feature the best from the indie music scene.

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