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Corre (Run)  TRT 28:47 
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This award winning film revolves around an up and coming Ad executive (Darren Anthony Thomas), who is due for the promotion of his life, when it's interrupted by a sudden occurrence that will stick with him for the rest of his life. The film stars Darren Anthony Thomas and Rico Anderson. Written and Directed by Eric Smith-Gunn.



The Making of Corre (Run)

A Behind the scenes documentary with interviews with Director Eric Smith-Gunn, Producer Pam Meisl Smith, Actors Darren Anthony Thomas and Rico Anderson, Cinematograher Chris Brown, Editors Julie Antepli and Jeff Alan Jones.


Corre (Run) Deleted Scene - with Darren Anthony Thomas

This scene was cut from the film because of we couldn't figure out how we could plug it in without effecting the flow of the opening scene. The scene stars Darren Anthony Thomas as Lane Wilcox. Lane Wilcox is an sales rep for the ad agency, Wilcox, Issacs and Micheals and this is a peak into his daily routine.

ForePlay The Short
TRT 15:50

This film from Enfuego Entertainment stars Kevin J. Ryan and Roxanne Dover. Written and Directed by Eric Smith-Gunn. The story is about two people who meet in a park and decide to have a amorous exchange with each other without ever saying one word. It's really a story about moments that go by that you can never get back. It's about taking a chance and not being afraid of the outcome. It's about losing the one you love or one you could have loved.

"The performance by Kevin Ryan (The Star of BBC Show "Copper") and Roxanne Dover are rich with looks that generate thought.  Excellent chemistry "- Wildsound Film Feedback Fest.
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